Human Resource Management

HRIS plays a vital role in todays fast paced digital age, where HR information could be obtained with a single click, it should also enables all team members to coordinate in a uniform & traceable manner. It should also leads to increases in efficiency when it comes to making decisions in HR.

Our HR management system helps you at Employee hiring stage, issuing letters for job offering, appointment, show cause, warning as well as termination letters. Below are HR modules

Interview Management

Transform your traditional hiring process in a fast, uniform & transparent manner. Automate candidate registration, information gathering, and interview scheduling, interviewing process. Solution will keep record of whole hiring process for each candidate.

Letters Management

Letter writing process is most tedious task if you are following traditional procedures, if so, we are here to assist you, our solution is having built-in templates for different letters, you can amend any template with reference to any employee. The letter can be printed, exported as PDF as well as sent in email to relevant employee automatically.

Leave Management

Since employers allows employees to avail medical or casual leave(s), tracking employee leaves & alternate employees will be night mare. Here comes our solution which offers you complete leave requisition & approval process transparent as well as type of leaves gained/balance leaves with date & other information.

Attendance Management (Bio Metric integrateable)

Keep record of employee attendance with time, time in. Biometric attendance can also be integrated to automate log process.

Auto Payroll with Advance & Loan Mgm

On the basis of attendance, our payroll management system can generate payroll, with auto loan deduction as well as advance adjustments for each employee.

Digital Documents

Keep digital copy of each document for each employee from resume to experience letters, certificates etc. Download or send via email whenever required.

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